English Memoir by Obama's Half-Brother to Be Published in U.S. 2014/3/27

A memoir by Mark Obama Ndesandjo, a half-brother of President Obama, will be published in the United States in the 2014 Fall Season, Lyons Press--An Imprint of Globe Pequot Press said on Tuesday. The book was announced as a self-published memoir last fall under a different title. The world english rights version will now be published in the 2014 Fall Season and will be titled: An Obama's Journey: My Odyssey Of Self-discovery Across Three Cultures. 

Mr Obama Ndesandjo was born in Kenya and first met his older brother in 1988. He lives in Shenzhen, China and is a well known artist, businessman and philanthropist. "In this revealing and beautifully written memoir, Mark Obama Ndesandjo recounts his complex relationship with his older half-brother, President Barack Obama, including their first meeting in Kenya over twenty years ago." according to a statement from Jon Sternfeld, Editor at Lyons Press.

The book also offers the author's inspiring personal story about identity and multiculturalism. Rare family photos add to the book's personal nature as do the intense recounting of early life with Barack Obama Sr.and his third wife, Ruth Baker, Mark's Jewish-American mother.

The book also attempts to set the records straight on several points of the president's best-selling memoir Dreams from My Father. In its connection to the 44th President, Mark's story takes on an even greater significance because it becomes all the more directly, a story of American identity and a window into the complex figure of the father they share, Barack Obama Sr., their roots in Kenya, their multicultural identities, and their relationships with America.

Jon Sternfeld at Lyons Press by Marleen Seegers at 2 Seas Agency (World English). Translation:marleen.seegers@2seasagency.com