China Charity Fair 2015/10/23

China Charity Fair Mark was invited by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to give a keynote address at the Annual China Charity Fair, held this year in Shenzhen. His work with teaching kids music at the Shenzhen Welfare Center for over 12 years was recognized. In his address, Mark encouraged more wealthy Chinese to give to the needy. According to experts, there are more than 1 million orphans in China and over 30,000 registered welfare centers. The United Nations estimates at least 100 million children worldwide have been orphaned. This is the third year of the Charity Fair, China’s largest, and thousands of NGOs and locals participated by sharing ideas and launching philanthropic projects.Mark wrote some calligraphy for the event using the 4 traditional characters for the saying 'Love is Without Borders' (Pictured Below).