Kenya-China Kids Pen-Pal Program 2015/10/23

Kenya-China Kids Pen-Pal Program Located in Kibera, Kenya, Africa’s largest slum, Magoso School is a non-profit campus housing and schooling over 400 orphans and HIV children. On Mark’s last visit, he encouraged the children there, aged from 4 to 12, to write and paint letters and postcards to kids at the Shenzhen Welfare Center, including members of the Shenzhen Zijin Music troupe, founded by Mark. Ten Shenzhen orphans replied to the first batch of letters in June, using English as well as Chinese on their drawings. One student said: “I hope we can live together. Study hard and make progress everyday. Although I have never seen you, I know you’re smart and cute. Just do it! Happy every day!” Mark plans this to be the start of an ongoing friendship program that directly links Kenyan and Chinese kids.