Saving Talented Kids Around the World 2015/10/23
Mark Obama Ndesandjo, brother of the American President, shows his work of calligraphy at the launch ceremony of the 'Global Saving the Talents' Initiative on Oct. 21 in Beijing. [Photo by Guo Yiming/]

Children from disadvantaged groups, suffering from poverty or disability and yet with much artistic talent, may finally be able to realize their dreams thanks to a "Global Saving the Talents" initiative that was launched in Beijing on Oct. 21. The initiative, which was proposed by Mark , initiated by the 21st Century Foundation, Love Foundation and supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), gathered people of all circles who are enthusiastic about public welfare and the arts and aims to pursue a better world where talented children with some form of disadvantage are no longer reduced to obscurity. " Mark  gave a key-note speech calling for universal attention to the needs of disadvantaged children. "Artistically talented kids are worth attention. They are our future and I am honored to join this initiative with UNDP to do just that," he said. To show the global relevance of art, he displayed his own handwritten copy of Lantingji Xu, a masterpiece of Chinese calligraphy.

The initiative is expected to hold a series of charity activities after Feb. 1, 2016.